Y12-Y13 Bridging Packs

By the end of Year 12 our Sixth Form students are over half-way through their courses and their minds have already tuned to the grade requirements for universities, Higher-Level Apprenticeships and employment.

It is important to our school that our students make the most of their Summer holiday – to get some rest and spend time with friend and families. Equally, many engage in the ‘experience’ offers we present to them through the summer, whether that be on a community project with the National Citizen Service or whitewater rafting in Croatia.

However, six weeks is a long time and we want our new Year 13 students to hit the ground-running in their final Autumn Term with us. Consequently, we set out Y12-Y13 Bridging Packs to ease the transition and to make sure their course learning does not entirely switch off.

Our expectation is that all students will complete all of their designated Y12-Y13 Bridging Packs as it forms a foundation of learning in the next term. We talk the packs through with the students in advance of the summer break so they are clear on requirements and have an opportunity to ask questions in advance of the break.



Applied Science




English Language and Literature

English Literature

Further Maths


Health & Social Care





Sport 1

Sport 2

Performing Arts



Religious Studies


For more information about our Y12-Y13 Bridging Packs, please contact Helen Barratt, Assistant Headteacher, via office@friaryschool.co.uk.