Remote Learning

COVID seems a long time ago already but the legacy of that period lives on. Even so, COVID did bring benefits in that schools had to accelerate their usage of new technologies and approaches. Triumphs can always come out of adversity and our curriculum found new strands of delivery and resource.

For many parents, remote learning will forever be associated with COVID-related home learning, but it actually refers to when the student and the teacher, or information source, are not physically present in a traditional classroom environment. Information is relayed through technology, such as discussion boards, video conferencing, and online assessments.

We continue to use various platforms to facilitate learning and your child will be involved with it on a daily basis.

Satchel One

Our main approach for remote learning is via Satchel One which we use for our usual homework provision and which provides links, resources, feedback and more still.

All students have access to this package – all parents too – and further details can be found on the Homework tab above this page on the Learning tab of our school website.

Student Emails

We ensure that all students have a school email address which gives them access to their teacher and to resources, guidance and invites to Teams and Streams sessions.

These emails become regular communication forms for older students and their teachers relating to coursework, emailed assignments and so on. They are also often used for UCAS and job applications too, as well as sharing employability link, training opportunities and wider learning.

Students are permitted to contact their teachers via email but this should only be related to work set or specific guidance. If students wish to get more general advice or support then they are much better advised to talk to their teacher to the wider pastoral teams in school

Microsoft Teams

All students have access to Microsoft Teams via Office 365 and will be invited via their Student Email address. This package allows the students and teachers to interact remotely and effectively provides online teaching.

Post-COVID, teachers continue to offer revision support via Teams where appropriate and this mechanism is used for our Parents Evenings which following parental consultation are done remotely.

Microsoft Stream

Similarly, we all teach remotely via Microsoft Stream which allows teachers to video themselves teaching a lesson and students can then watch it to inform them on their tasks.

The advantages of this are that the students are not tied to a set time, can pause it at any point, and can re-play sections which they need to check again.

The videos are stored in the Streams area and are accessed either via teacher email links or via Office 365.

Online Platforms

Additionally, we guide students to utilise various online platforms to support their study and revision. These are specifically taught and referred to in lessons; whether it be Seneca in English or MathsWatch in Maths.

Furthermore, our revision guidance offers a range of options ranging from websites to mobile apps so that students can find an option that best works for them.

Non-COVID Remote Learning

Looking forward, our remote learning provision is already embedded into school life via Satchel One, and now Teams and Streams will continue to be used in the long-term.

We are already using them for revision boosters as part of catch-up and there are already a bank of videos for students to review as part of their independent revision.

It is important to note that we do not offer remote learning as a catch-all during an absence. We are a mainstream school and our provision is offered in the building. Our teachers have busy schedules in school and so cannot offer bespoke remote learning to a student or family who want to study at home.

Most student absences are due to illness, so work is not set as the child is unwell. However, for longer term absences, such as a broken leg or hospitalisation, we do offer extended support and this is agreed between home and school on a case-by-case basis.

Further Information

For more information about homework and remote learning, please contact Sam Sullivan, Assistant Headteacher, via