Wider World

Our Sixth Form curriculum prioritises the development of individual responsibility, confident independence and the opening up of wider horizons amongst every Sixth Form student. We are genuine in seeking to provide our Sixth Formers with creative and ambitious experiences that go beyond the opportunities in other institutions.

We seek to engender in our Sixth Formers a spirit that life is for living and packing full of rich experiences which support personal growth and confidence, but also provide a staple bank of tales to bore others with at dinner parties in adult life.

We do not stand still in this objective, so whilst certain elements remain as constants on our Sixth Form calendar, others drop in-and-out depending on cohort, availability, relevance and opportunity. No life should be routine, and the same must be said for our scheduling.

Experience Week

The final week of Year 12 is classified as Experience Week and students are set the task of independently arranging placements which open their horizons; whether they be work experience placements, voluntary work, or active individual or team experiences.

Our school has a widespread connections and has the capacity to open doors to a whole host of experiences. In recent years we have seen students travel to Las Vegas, London and sail the seas – nothing is out-of-bounds.

Duke of Edinburgh

Our Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme rolls through into the Sixth Form and periodically there are options to pursue Bronze, Silver or Gold Awards.

This scheme includes practical activities, physical adventures, voluntary work and accompanying write-ups and it can be a strong element in any job or university application.

World Challenge

Our World Challenge programme sees our school take teams of 15-18 year olds on international expeditions which consist of overseas travel, physical activities, community volunteering, and cultural experiences.

The scheme also demands a fund-raising element and preparatory team-work exercises. It is staffed by Friary teachers and in recent years we have arranged trips to Borneo, Croatia and Cambodia. The scheme offers a superb bridge between the protective arm of school and a free-spirited exploration of the planet.

Projects Abroad

Our Projects Abroad link has seen students travel overseas to undertake environmental and conservation work. This is an independent experience, without school staff, but allows for more bespoke experiences which tally specifically with career and aspirational goals.

The projects are less expensive than World Challenge and cover specific initiatives as far ranging as education to journalism, conservation to animal welfare and medicine to women’s rights. They are well-structured, include all necessary safeguarding and welfare provisions, and offer life-changing experiences.

Community Placements

Elsewhere, we work with various community organisations to secure free local placements with residentials which broaden skill-sets, experience and contacts, and look great on CVs and university applications. The range ensures there is flexibility so that they can be worked around family and work commitments.

We work closely with the National Citizen Service (NCS) and they offer a range of local community projects which run over various weeks. They can be taken individually or with groups of friends and combine team-work, high-energy and social responsibility.

We also partner with Staffordshire Virtual School, Staffordshire County Council and Volksbund Deutsche Kriegsgräberfürsorge e. V. (German War Graves Commission) in support of a Summer War Graves Camp connected to memorials on Cannock Chase. This enables our students to work on an international project which includes a residential element. This project involves international collaboration, cultural lessons and work on reconciliation and remembrance.

University Placements

We also facilitate students to access various university experience and residential placements during our Experience Week and over the school holidays.

These are varied, are often subject specific, and often include free residentials, and involve both as academic and professional activities which open students’ eyes to their aspirations and potential future careers.

Field Trips & Experiences

Elsewhere, we periodically offer experiences ranging from sailing the seas to supporting the running of community events.

Equally, we build in regular field trips to our academic curses which have included with excursions up volcanoes, tours through Holocaust landmarks, and trips to the British coast, our capital city and the Welsh countryside.

We are also active in encouraging students to embrace independent travel outside of school and having extolled this virtue to past student we welcome them back to regale us with their experiences of inter-railing across Europe or travelling even further afield in a gap year.

For more information about savouring the wider world in Sixth Form, please contact Helen Barratt, Assistant Headteacher, via office@friaryschool.co.uk.