Naturally, our Sixth Form Curriculum is fully integrated into the whole-school Curriculum Policy which can be found here. There is a natural flow of core principles related to our scope, teaching, learning and assessment which are retained to provide a familiar and well-structured curriculum model.

However, this curriculum is also an extension of our main school offer and seeks to further bridge the gap between school and Higher Education, Higher Apprenticeships and future employment. Beyond the specificities of A-Level and other Level 3 qualifications, our offer looks to further develop the broader skills required to negotiate independent learning and living, demonstrate individual and collective responsibility, and appreciate the familial and societal demands of adult and working life.


The Sixth Form timetable runs through Years 12-13 and the timetable operates on a two-week cycle.

There are currently 25 lessons per week with each Period lasting 1 hour. Each subject gets 9 hours of direct teaching, although subjects undertake via our Consortium Partners get an extra hour slot with a set tutor in our home school. Additionally, students utilise both independent and supervised study slots to secure and extended their classroom learning.

Our school offers supervised study in the Sixth Form Centre until 4.30pm each day.


Most students study three subjects – though a small minority take on four courses with Further Maths and the EPQ.

The school offers the following A-Levels as part of our academic curriculum offer:

A-Level Art & Design A-Level Biology A-Level Chemistry
A-Level English Lang / Lit A-Level English Literature A-Level Further Maths
A-Level Geography A-Level History A-Level Maths
A-Level Music A-Level Physics A-Level Psychology
A-Level RE A-Level Sociology AS-Level EPQ

The school offers the following courses as part of our vocational curriculum offer:

BTEC Level 3 Business BTEC Level 3 Creative Media BTEC Level 3 Health & Social Care
BTEC Level 3  Sport IT CTEC Level 3 Performing Arts BTEC Level 3 Science
BTEC Level 3 Sport    

Sixth Form Consortium

The Friary School broadens the curriculum range and flexibility by partnering with local secondary schools to offer extra subjects including A-Level Computing, A-Level Economics, A-Level French and more besides.

All lessons can be accessed by Friary students as the timetables are kept broadly parallel and Friary students benefit from free transport for mid-day school switches.


Additionally, our Sixth Form students undertake a selected Enrichment slots which includes peer tutoring, sports leadership, reading support, and Extended Project Qualifications.

Furthermore, students are supported in wider personal developmental work with assistance in dealing with UCAS, completing MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses), addressing university entrance exams, and more besides.

Tutor Time

Additionally, every Sixth Form student has a 25 minutes tutor time session on a daily basis which addresses a series of themes connected to our set tutor time programme, our assembly programme, and our Focus Week programme.

PHSE & Focus Weeks

Furthermore, every Sixth Form student receives a progressively scheduled PHSE provision which is delivered through tutor times, assemblies, specific events and drop-downs, and whole-school Focus Weeks.

Whilst the programme is Sixth Form specific, it still addresses the key themes and objectives mapped out in our main school provision which tallies with the PSHE Association’s guidance, but also addresses age-specific topics including driving safety, student financial management, community action and political debate.

Further Information

For more information about the Sixth Form curriculum, please contact Helen Barratt, Assistant Headteacher,