Field Trips & Adventures

Learning new things is all about uncovering new horizons, and whilst this can be done via a book, or a YouTube clip, or a teacher’s vivid description, there is a lot to be said about experiencing life first-hand. Certainly, there is a big world out there and we love to think of our students getting out-and-about and exploring it.

We offer a wide range of field trips and adventures which usually include the following set trips:

Year 7 – Warwick Castle (Autumn Term) Year 8 – Peak District (Spring Term)
Year 9 Normandy (Summer Term) Years 7-10 – Ski Trip (Spring Term)
Year 11 – Paris (Autumn Term) Sixth Form – Auschwitz-Birkenau (Spring Term)
Sixth Form – Volcanoes (Spring Term) Sixth Form – Amsterdam (Autumn Term)

Elsewhere, there are a plenty of subject specific trips, such as exam field trips in Geography and History or Higher Education exhibitions. Furthermore, many more ad hoc trips crop up that might include the Houses of Parliament, the National Portrait Gallery, Villa Park, the West End, the NEC, or Oxford University.

We have a love of adventure and look to take our students well beyond their comfort zones so they can learn as much about themselves as the world around them. We have a busy Duke of Edinburgh programme and our World Challenge expeditions include Borneo, Croatia and Cambodia. School-led adventures include sailing the English Channel and we also have partnerships with more individually tailored global providers like Projects Abroad.

The field trips not only build confidence, investment into education, and life skills, but they also provide life-lasting memories and sparks of magic that can send life careering off in a different direction. We usually tie the trips to performance and behaviour, they are used to focus student’s minds on their learning in-and-out of school (who can forget their 15minute coach mentoring session with Mr Allman), but they are also about injecting fun, imagination and ‘wow’ into life.

For a teacher, when a child tears their goggles off at the end of their first successful ski run or gets the crepe they were negotiating for at Montmartre; reaches Vesuvius’ summit to see the volcanic crater or glimpses the ever-stretching desolation of Birkenau; or plunges into the ocean off St Malo or heaves their rucksack into a native village in the rainforests of Borneo; these are the moments that our job creates magical moments.

We are a school that believes life is for living and we make sure we help students to live it.

To learn more about our field trips and adventures, please contact Richard Barnett-Richards, Assistant Headteacher, via