Support Model

Out students’ safety and well-being is our first priority as it is only with that secure that we can enable each child to flourish in our school.

Student Support

The first point of contact for students and parents with a problem is our Student Support Office and the team is made up of four skilled and caring Student Support Officers.

  • Deb Wykes – Student Support Lead
  • Louise Bowles – Student Support Officer
  • Fiona Evans – Student Support Officer
  • Nicky Goodhead – Student Support Officer

The Student Support Team’s role is broad-ranging; it could be a lost bag or an urgent message to home; it could be mentoring or attendance support; or it could be dealing with social workers or the emergency services.

The Student Support Team are highly trained, come from a wide range of professional backgrounds, and deploy specific and validated provision to ensure best possible impact.

With well over 1,000 students, there is never a dull or quiet moment in Student Support Office and the team are tireless in their commitment to our children.

House Support

Our House system is the first area of support for every student and those needing more intensive support go onto our HAS (House Around the Student) scheme.

Of course, every student has their form tutor who they see each morning and can approach with any problems or concerns. Beyond this, each of the four Houses has a Head of House who co-ordinates the fun and support that our House system embodies.

Nonetheless, these individuals team up where required to put in clear plans and support for every student going slightly off track and usually this steers them back onto the right course. There is always home contact on this scheme as improvement cannot be engineered by school alone – every child’s family has a central responsibility to support.

Beyond this, we make it clear that any student can approach any member of staff whom they feel comfortable with, though we naturally emphasise that we cannot keep secrets and have to work with colleagues to protect and support their welfare.

School Support

Our wider pastoral team offers an even more in-depth range of support under the umbrella of our TAS (team Around the Student) scheme which sees our senior pastoral leaders, Safeguarding Leads and SEND Leads combine to provide a wraparound package for a student who is really struggling.

Alongside the integral role of each student’s family, this tier of support often involves external agencies as the wide range of issues facing young people today only benefits from specialist interventions. The needs we support are wide ranging and continue to stretch from Educational Neglect to Domestic Violence, Drug and Alcohol Use to County Lines, Physical and Sexual Abuse to Bullying, and Online Safety to Bereavement.

Of course, our staff’s skill-set is extensive but in order to maximise the impact of our support model we work with a wide range of external agencies in order to provide the best possible interventions. These include:

  •   Action for Children
  • Autism Outreach
  • The Bridge Centre
  • Bridge Builders
  • Catch 22
  • Co-Op Mentoring
  • Early Help
  • Education Welfare
  • Family Health / Well-Being
  • JP Alternative
  • Malachi
  • New Era
  • Purple Stag Counselling
  • St Giles Outreach
  • School Nurses
  • Staffordshire Safeguarding
  • T3

For more information about our Student Support Model, please contact Lottie Hearn, Deputy Headteacher, via