Payments to School

Our school has a hectic school calendar and there are many events which may involve parents or community members making a payment to the school; whether it be for lunch or music tuition, a residential trip or show tickets.

Parent Pay

Our school largely runs on a cashless catering system which is designed to negate the need for students to carry money with them, allow parents to manage their child’s spending, and to help ensure the smooth-running of our canteen, trips and other payment-related events.

The Parent Pay package is secure and confidential and is used by schools across the country.

Our payment system in school uses fingerprint technology and so is very simple to use; though we do offer alternative arrangements for parents who do not wish to use this system.

Community Payments

Any community member who is not at parent, but wishes to pay for an event at the school can do by calling main reception on 01543 267 400 and paying by card.

Alternatively, you can drop into school reception during the school day and make a payment.

PTFA Donations

Anyone can donate to The Friary School PTFA safe in the knowledge that all monies raised go directly to supporting children’s learning in and out of the classroom.

You and make a donation simply by dropping the money into reception – either cash of a cheque made payable to ‘The Friary School PTFA’.

Payment Windows

The school operates payment windows for set items, such as peripatetic music lessons or school trips, and only accept payments at these times.

This is to ensure we run efficiently, within our means and can avoid problems where one person claims they paid before another.

Most schools events and trips are sold on a ‘first come, first served’ basis via Parent Pay so everyone can be absolutely sure that the system is fair. This is no different to booking a holiday, a concert ticket, or a restaurant reservation.


All deposits we receive are non-refundable and are only ever collected when we have set and outstanding costs to pay which we cannot subsidise out of school funds.

Further Information

If you require further information on payments to school, please contact Jacqui Archer, Finance Manager, via