House System

All students in our school are placed into one of four Houses and these form the basis of pastoral guidance and support throughout each student’s time with us.

Equally, the Houses have a curriculum role as they bring in student leadership, community liaison, competition in sport, debate, etc, and play a key role in delivering Focus Weeks.

Our Houses were formed with student voice being the key driver and each House has two tutor groups from each year group, as well as attachment from Sixth Form tutor groups as well.

The Houses are named after famous people from Lichfield:

Each House contains two tutor groups from each Year group – running from Years 7-13 – and there is a fortnightly House assembly connected to a Focus Week and which is usually led by a tutor group.

The House system places a key role in rewards and sanctions as though there is individual acclaim for students, there House points, behaviour points, attendance rates and so on all contribute to the House total for a range of trophies. This means each House has a collective spirit which is very much driving at ‘all for one and one for all’.

Every student’s House will play an important part in their school life and we believe it is both a responsibility and of real benefit for students‘ to throw themselves into the House team and spirit. Every student should be there for their House, just like the House should be there for every student.

For more information about the House System, please contact Lottie Hearn, Deputy Headteacher, via