Key Contacts

Our school is committed to dealing with all enquiries as promptly as possible but with staff often teaching full days this may not ensure a first day response.

The best way to get a rapid response is to make sure you direct your enquiry to the right person.

General Enquiries

  • Telephone – Main Reception – 01543 267 400 (Leisa Hoare – Receptionist)
  • Telephone – Pupil Absence – 01543 267 467 (Ria Campion – Attendance Officer)
  • Email – Main Office –

Emergency Enquiries

The immediate option should be to telephone Main Reception – 01543 267 400 (Leisa Hoare – Receptionist)

Learning & Welfare Enquiries

The best contacts for any issues relating to learning or progress are the Heads of House:

Communication with our parents and community is very important us and though we may not get it 100% right every time, we do know we get it right most of the time.

Further Information

For more information about communication, or if you feel you are hitting brick-walls, please contact Matt Allman, Headteacher, via