We are incredibly proud of our Sixth Formers and welcome them to spend their two years with us with open arms. Unsurprisingly, we very much view our Sixth Formers as the benchmark for our younger students – they have succeeded in Year 11 and offer an aspirational route for peers who look up to their most senior counterparts.

Equally, we are very conscious that there are good habits to maintain for adult and working life and these are just as integral for effective study in Sixth Form. Our Sixth Forms are all student leaders and the best leaders lead by example.

Consequently, we retain high expectations in terms of attendance and punctuality. The most critical factor behind academic success is turning up to lessons and in a Sixth Form context we cannot teach a student who does not attend. There is a clear and evidential correlation between good attendance and high achievement and, having seen every Sixth Former’s potential in Year 11, we are not prepared to let it be unrealised in our Sixth Form. Likewise, punctuality is important in terms of learning, common courtesy, respect for teachers and peers, and is a minimum trait required in employment and professional life.

Similarly, we have a Sixth Form uniform code which can be viewed here. We insist upon professional dress so that students appreciate there is a standard, a professional commitment to studies and approach, and a visible indication that Sixth Form is about stepping up, taking respsonbility and growing into adult life. The uniform code allows for flexibility for individual identity but also sets a benchmark in terms of expectations and standards.

The reality is that there a balance to be had in terms of individuality and self-expression and self-discipline and collective responsibility. We know we can offer our student both ends of this spectrum and our core standards are just as important in supporting the former as the latter.

For more information about Sixth Form standards, please contact Helen Barratt, Assistant Headteacher, via