Senior Seven

Our school curriculum is devised to build in a wide range of student leadership opportunities which not only benefit individuals but our whole school community. The power of a great role model is important and our Sixth Formers are fantastic examples of where high aspirations can get you.

Within this curriculum focus, our Sixth Form Senior Seven is made up of seven senior student leadership roles which include the Head Boy and Head Girl, as well as a Deputy Head Boy & Girl, a Charity Co-Ordinator, an Events Co-Ordinator and a Chair of the School Council.

All of these roles are taken on by Sixth Form students on an annual basis with a formal application and interview process in May / June each year.

These roles bring involvement in a series of school events including Open Evening, Prize-Giving, Partnership Evenings, as well as numerous school activities usually connected to our Focus Weeks.

Our current Senior Seven is made up of:

  • Head Boy: Will Moseley
  • Head Girl: Grace Williams
  • Deputy Head Boy: Flynn Mulligan
  • Deputy Head Girl: Rosie Bentley
  • Charities Coordinator: Amelia Fradley
  • Events Coordinator: Lydia Bedlow
  • Chair of the School Council: Amy Hirst

Elsewhere, many other Sixth Formers take on leadership roles whether they be Subject Ambassadors, Sports Leaders, Performing Arts Leaders, or wider ambassadorial roles related to important themes including mental health and online safety.

There are also community leadership roles through our partnership with Lichfield St Chard Rotary and our Interact Club.

For more information about our Senior Seven and student leadership opportunities in our Sixth Form, please contact Helen Barratt, Assistant Headteacher, via