Primitas Learning Partnership Multi-Academy Trust

The Friary School is proud to be a member of the Primitas Learning Partnership Multi-Academy Trust is committed to establishing our academy trust as a stand-out in the crowd.

We are a Trust where local schools can retain their individual flavour and identity, but are still jointly committed to sharing best practice, approaches and resources so that we can ensure that all children thrive every step of the way.

Certainly, the Primitas Learning Partnership aims to bring together a group of schools with a shared vision to develop a learning community that brought real benefits to students, staff, parents and the wider community. It remains determined to achieve this change, not just through the transactional benefits of academisation, but through a deep and genuine sharing of learning and best practice.

Initially, the schools involved are in or around the Lichfield and Burntwood Districts and come from the primary, secondary and special sectors. The Trust is highly inclusive and offers a potential educational route from age 2, when the youngest children enter primary school, to 25, with extended special school provision.

The cross-over benefits from each phase and ability of education are vast, and whilst the sharing of expertise on issues like finance, HR, Safeguarding, and well-being are the more obvious, the closeness of our schools means there is a real appreciation of every child’s progression through their educational landscape, whatever their age, ability, need or ambition. More broadly, the Trust works extensively with local and national partners in order that the very best skills and expertise are acquired and updated.

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