Saturday & Holiday Schools

Our school very much goes the extra mile for our students so we stage regular Saturday Schools and Holiday Schools to supplement the day-to-day curriculum coverage.

These sessions are well-attended, totally free, and reflect the total commitment our school puts in to every student. They are usually for students facing final exams although there are also sessions for students undertaking coursework assignments at other stages of their courses.

Naturally, the sessions add to the learning of the students, and breed confidence and surety as they move towards final exams but as much as any ting they are about a student making a statement to themselves and their family that their learning and their outcomes matter, and that they are going to put in the hard yards to be successful

Students need not wear school uniform, sign in and out at reception, and attendance is voluntary (though we may occasionally strongly encourage a parent to send their child along).

Saturday Schools

These Saturday Schools run between 9.30-11.30am, are usually are revision-based, sometimes connecting to Mock and Formal Exams, whilst others can be coursework-based sessions.

The Saturday Schools are always subject-specific, staffed by specialist subject staff and are mapped out for the half-term in advance.

The dates of these sessions will be sent out to parents in advance so that they can be mapped into family schedules.

Holiday Schools

Furthermore, our Holiday Schools usually run in the Xmas and particularly Easter and May Holidays.

These sessions run similar to Saturday School but are scheduled throughout the holiday weeks and are divided into AM / PM blocks.

Again, the dates of the sessions are sent out to students and parents well in advance of the break and the sessions supplement the extensive support put onto Satchel One in terms of revision and exam preparation

For more information about Saturday Schools and Holiday Schools, please contact Bex Oldfield, Assistant Headteacher, via