Student Leadership

Our curriculum identifies leadership as a crucial skill for learning, but also later working and family life. Consequently, developing this skill is a high-priority and we have established a wide-ranging structure that enables students to thrive in speaking up, speaking out, and helping our school community to be a vibrant and inclusive one.

Students can hone their leadership skills in a range of contexts; whether it be student-led assemblies or charity fund-raising; tutor time presentations or schools shows; parents’ evenings or themed exhibitions; community events or primary transition sessions; peer mentoring or Focus Week projects; on a field visit or in their daily lessons.

As students move through the many House leadership roles, and into the Sixth Form, they can take on even more senior roles with our Senior Seven, and even go on to become Head Boy or Head Girl.

Head Boy, Head Girl & The Senior Seven

The Head Boy and Head Girl are taken from the Sixth Form on annual basis and have to formally apply for their roles and undergo a rigorous interview process. These roles bring involvement in a series of school events including Open Evening, Prize-Giving, Partnership Evenings, as well as rage of school activities usually connected to our Focus Weeks.

The wider Senior Seven is made of Sixth Formers, including the Head Boy and Head Girl, as well as a Deputy Head Boy & Girl, a Charity Co-Ordinator, an Events Co-Ordinator and a Chair of the School Council. Furthermore, there are ambassadorial roles for common themes like mental health and online safety, as well as for specific subject areas.

House Captains & House Leaders

These are the most senior roles in a House and those selected usually have a history of representing the school in previous leadership roles or in aspects of school life. The House Captains are joined by Vice-Captains, Sports Captains, Charities Captains, as well as further post-holders.

House Councillors

Each tutor group elects a Tutor Group Representative who takes forward the views of the tutor group to the House Council and then onto the School Council.

Anti-Bullying, Mental Health & Online Safety Reps

These reps work at key points of the school year to push their message; this school year it might be Anti-Bullying Week or Mental Health Awareness Week, Internet Safety Week or Gay Pride Week, or in a variety of bespoke projects and initiatives which crop up through the school year.

Transition Mentors

Each House selects positive role models from the new Year 7 to be trained as Transition Mentors so that they can be a guide and support for Year 6 students moving into our school the following year. They will attend Open Evening, as well as various transition events throughout the school year.

Peer Mentors

Peer Mentors guide and coach their peers through challenging aspects of school where the advice may be better served coming from somebody who has recently been through a similar experience. Peer mentors have previously supported students with organisational issues, dealing with a transitional period whether it be starting in Year 7 or starting GCSE courses, or sometimes offering support with changing friendships.

Subject Ambassadors

The Subject Ambassadors represent their House in a series of events throughout the school year, ranging from an Opening Evenings to Partnership Evenings, and they also take a lead in subject area events, boosters and other activities.

Student-Led Assemblies

All tutor groups have the responsibility for delivering assemblies to their House through the school year and there are high expectations in how this must be delivered. Students are encouraged to research the topic, and present it in a fluent, engaging and interactive way. This experience is about building confidence, overcoming nerves, articulating opinions and contexts, and developing the necessary skill sets for adult and working life.

Student-Led Exhibitions

Each House are designated set exhibitions to express their voice through an exhibition-style display and public forum – for other students to view and hear the opinions expressed on a topic tied to our Focus Weeks. These exhibition encourage responsibility, independence and team-work so that a House voice is combined articulated and shared.

Further Information

For more information about how Student Leadership, please contact Lottie Hearn, Deputy Headteacher, via