KS3 Outcomes

Our Key Stage Three (Years 7-9) cohort are well-supported throughout their three years so that they build on their successes from primary school and culminate their studies well-equipped to address their Key Stage Four (Years 10-11) pathway.

Our Key Stage Three students are set target grades on entry which give an indication of where the child should be by the end of Year 11. These targets are based on their Year 6 SATs score and Cognitive Ability Testing (CAT) which is undertaken in the Year 7s first weeks with us.

The Department for Education judges progress in secondary schools based on the Year 6 SATs results but we also factor in the CAT scores so we can identify any children who under-performed in their SATS and could well be capable of more.

These targets are also monitored over time as children develop at different rates and we want to ensure our aspirations are always high for every child; for example, Summer-both students tend to perform less well in their Year 6 SATs but close the gaps by the time they reach GCSE.

Ability on Entry & Current Progress

Our current Key Stage Three cohort has mixed entry data as many students missed taking Year 6 SATs due to the COVID pandemic. Even so, by using our CAT scores we can get a good guide on each of our cohort’s ability traits:

Year Group Year 7 (2023-2024) Year 8 (2023-2024) Year 9 (2023-2024)
Exceeding KS2 Expectations on Entry TBC 24% 12%
Meeting KS2 Expectations on Entry TBC 60% 68%
Below KS2 Expectations on Entry TBC 16% 20%

Historically, all of these groups of students make strong progress in their time with us between Years 7-11 with strong respective progress scores for each entry ability cohort:

Year Group Summer 2019 Progress Outcomes Summer 2022 Progress Outcomes Summer 2023 Progress Outcomes
Meeting KS2 Expectations Students +0.47 +0.72 +0.58
Meeting KS2 Expectations Students +0.65 +0.64 +0.79
Below KS2 Expectations Students +1.05 +0.70 +0.86

For more information about Key Stage Three Outcomes, please contact Richard Barnett-Richards, Assistant Headteacher, via office@friaryschool.co.uk.