As part of our Healthy Eating campaign, we are celerbaitng National Juice Day.

The first juicer was manufactured back in the 1930s and since then this option has been a healthy alternative to other foods. We are all used to seeing juice and smoothie bars in shopping centres and high streets and as a school we are keen to promote good health especially as people think about New Year Resolutions.

Each of our Houses have staged student-led assemblies where juices are made and tested on the spot and they have come up with their own recipes for juice drinks for their peers to try at home:

Darwin House Juice
Garrick House Juice
Johnson House Juice
Seward House Juice

Lottie Hearn, Deputy Headteacher, said: “It is hugely important as we enter the time of coughs and sneezes to keep the immune systems strong and taking in the necessary vitamins to support health and well-being. We know fruit juices entice teenagers and imaginative concoctions mean that you can get those extra portions of fruit and vegetables and so in into the diet in a more creative way.”

To learn more about National Green Juice Day click here.