Following our successful re-awarding of our top-rated Online Safety Award with the 360 Safe Online Safety Award we continue to develop and improve our online training and practice so that our students are aware of the dangers and pitfalls online. It is not about discoursing online usages, but more just engaging online safety and securely.

As a result of our exemplary provision, our Online Safety Lead, Steve Neale, has been invited to speak at the Entrust Online Safety Conference in February 2024. The school presentation will share our best practice with other schools and organisations and explore the exciting and innovative ways we deliver online safety sessions and skills across our school and by using various scenarios and attention-grabbing approaches.

These approaches are designed to reflect the fast-moving and attention-grabbing world our students engage with online and include projects including bespoke lessons, Internet Safety Week, Fake News Week (which saw many parents fall hook-line-and-sinker for some badly dubbed newsfeed), and online searches of student which are shared with peers (though with masked identifies) to warn of the dangers of overt online behaviour

Matt Allman, Headteacher, said: “The online safety message one is as critical as ever and as it is very much an external world we have to be big and bold in grabbing our students attention so that we can get them to think. Many children have unfiltered online access – with no parental checks – and we take it as our mission to fill that void through educating, fun and at times shock factor. The world is both human and virtual and with this mix only intensifying in the years ahead we will are delighted to retain the awards showing our high standards and to have the opportunity to share our work natioanlly.”