Our Year 13 Partnership Evening was well attended by parents and very much focused on the new landscape of Sixth Form exam result as the COVID grade changes disappear and the picture for Summer 2024 is more clearly revealed.

There was a marked fall in A-Level grades in Sumemr 2023 and this is likely to go further in Summer 2024 when overall results are comapred to the pre-COVID Summer 2019 scenario.

In additon, the session talked through university routes, apprenticeships, applications and more besides.

The full presentation can be seen here.

Helen Barratt, Assistant Headteacher, said: “Our Year 13s face different challenges to recent Year groups but the exam season will be a level playing field and we have a talented cohort who have every change of shining. Key principles still remain – if you work hard, focus on learning the content, develop those exam skills, and make the courses the priority then you reap your rewards. These objectives will be our mantra for the remainder of the school year”