Year 11 Teacher Grades – Summer 2021

The Department for Education have decided that Year 11 students will not be sitting their exams in Summer 2021. Instead, they will be awarded grades determined by their teachers.

Of course, all parents already have a good idea on what their child’s grades are going to be as they have received regular updates via their child’s reports. The most recent teacher grades were determined using evidence from over 53 weeks (Year 10 and Autumn Term 2021).

Year 11 students returned to school from 8 March 2021 and now have their remaining time in school to be taught, to learn, and to be assessed on this learning. Of course, their most recent lockdown work will also be factored in too.

These remaining assessments will be used to partly inform the teacher judgements which determine the final teacher grades. However, “a range of evidence”, such as classwork, homework, and the weight of all previous work, will all combine to form a final decision

Even so, the precise assessment schedules (March-May 2021) for all Year 11 subject areas can be viewed here:


All parents have been contacted with guidance on how these teacher grades will be decided and this information can be viewed here:

Letter to Parents – March 2021

Parent Guide – March 2021

We will also be staging a Facebook Live event at 6.00pm on Thursday 25 March and this will be retained on our Facebook page (@friaryschool) for future reference.

You can also send enquiries relating to Year 11 teacher grades to:

The Year 11 Results Day takes place on Thursday 12 August and precise details on timings will be relayed in the coming weeks.

Further details on the grading process, as well as the appeals system is available here.

If you have any concerns about your final grade please email