Our catering facilities are run in-house which means we are not tied to a profit-making provider and can be more responsive to feedback and suggestions.

The following details on provision map out our ‘normal’ schedules although special events, such as Christmas Dinner or a Summer BBQ, can bring temporary changes.

Breakfast Provision

Our breakfast provision runs from 8.20am – 8.40am and includes hot breakfast snacks and drinks.

First Lunch Provision (Years 10-13)

Our break-time provision runs from 11.05am – 11.30am and offers an extended range of hot breakfast snacks and drinks, as well as sandwiches, salad and fruit for break-time or to save for lunch-time.

Second Lunch-Time Provision (Years 7-9 & Tears 12-13)

Our lunch-time provision runs from 12.30pm – 1.05pm  includes a wide range of grab-and-go items, as well as pasta pots, jacket potatoes, a main meal, as well as sandwiches, salad and fruit.

After-School Provision

Our after-school provision runs from 3.05pm – 3.30pm and provides snacks for those children walking home or taking public transport.

Special Requirements

The canteen menus cater each day for vegetarians and for those who require gluten-free items.

Any other special dietary requirements will be considered, although as a school, rather than a full catering business, we only have so much range.

Payment System

Our canteen runs using a cashless system and uses biometric data which feeds into Parent Pay. The system is set up when your child joins the school.

This enables parents to track their child’s purchases and negates the need to send children into school carrying money.

Equally, the system enables our canteen team to run more efficiently and with reduced costs which impact on both school funds and canteen prices.

For more information about our catering arrangements, please contact Jacqui Archer, Finance Manager, via