We were contacted by Student Transport from Staffordshire County Council yesterday to relate that there will be major road works along Eastern Avenue over the next two weeks.

This will involve major road closures and will cause problems with the school bus routes going to and from school.

The sections of Eastern Avenue which will be closed are:

* Wednesday 10th July – between 7am and 8pm – shut between Grange Lane and Watery Lane
* Thursday 11th July – between 7am and 8pm – shut between Watery Lane and Brownsfield Road
*Tuesday 16th July – between 7am and 8pm – shut between Brownsfield Road and Trent Valley Island

This will not impact directly at the front of the school but will block the roads for those travelling in and out. They will also be knock-on traffic problems will no doubt make their way to the school.

Matt Allman, Headteacher, said: “We would urge all parents to think about their transport arrangements next week and see what contiguities they can put in place. At the very least extra time will be needed for journeys. If we get any updates then we will pass them on.”