Our Year 11 celebrations proved to be a fantastic end to the cohort’s formal time with us – although we hope to be re-uniting with the majority of them as they move into Sixth Form.

The Leavers’ Assembly saw the usual mix of memory-lane photos, entertainment, awards and speeches. The Year 11 hoodies were distributed and last goodbyes to staff and peers rolled through – although most were already turning their attention to their Prom.

The Prom was staged at Branston Golf Club and the grand entrance to the venue provide again the ideal drop-off point as the glammed up arrivals rocked up. There were sports care, limos, heavy duty trucks and even Elvis Presley arriving to provide the drop offs and every student was applauded in by staff and posed for an array of photos.
The Prom night saw a disco, a live band, a sumptuous buffet, a casino, lots of fun activities, awards and students spilled in and outside of the building through the knight. Staff were in attendance throughout and thoroughly enjoyed the night.

Lottie Hearn, Deputy Headteacher and event organiser, said: “This is a fantastic Year group and the well-attended Prom reflected the togetherness of the group and their combined sense of un and celebration. It was a busy time in the run up – a million-and-one-things to do – but it was all worthwhile and the students voiced their thanks with all saying they had a brilliant time.”