In the week Wimbledon returns, so did the Cannock and District Tennis Tournament.

On Monday, our U13s pairs took on 5 other schools in round robins matches, each played the best of 3. This was the first year of competing for our year 7 girls’ pair and they played brilliantly, against many y8 pairings. The 2 boys’ pairs each got a couple of wins throughout the day, but sadly none of our pairs qualified for the semi-finals. Well done to Sophie Antcliffe, Rocio Ivey, Luke Bennington, Ben Hollis, Jacob Freeth and Nate Kirkwood.

On Tuesday, we took 5 pairs across to EDA for the under 15s turn. Ava and Maddie Williams had a fabulous afternoon with only 1 loss in the round robin, but sadly so did 2 other schools, who on count back had conceded less sets and knocked us out. The 3 others pairs finished 4th, 4th and. 5th in their groups. Super proud of all that took part including, Lili Crompton, Anne Pengelly, Archie Kennedy, Henry Bytheway, Mylo Forbes and Josh Hill. Good news came from Dan Clark and Adam Brown who topped their group and played King Edward’s in the semi-finals. The boys were very competitive but sadly lost 3-1. They finished their day playing EDA in the 3rd place play off and they walked away with the Bronze medal.

Hollie Wright, team coach said: “Thank you for all the students who stepped up and represented the school in tennis, some for the second year running. If you would like to be part of the team next year please let me know and I’ll sign you up.”