The W/B 17 June sees our Year 10 students undertake their GCSE Mock Exams.

These are important exams as they allow us to gauge strengths and weaknesses, address misconceptions, and they enable us to make decision on tier entry for exams like Maths, Science and French.

The Year 10 Mock Exams run to this schedule:

Monday 17 June:

AM – English Literature – 9.00-10.45am


Tuesday 18 June:

AM – Maths – 9.00-10.30am

PM – Biology – Single Science – 9.00-10.45am

PM – Biology – Combined Science – 9.00-10.15am


Wednesday 19 June:

AM – English Language – 9.00-10.45am


Friday 21 June:

AM – Maths – 9.00-10.30am


Students should arrive at their tutor time for the usual 8.45am and they will be escorted to the playground to be registered before entering their exam.

All bags and personal belongings, phones, etc will go into the Dance Studio next to the Sports Hall before they line up on the playground. This will speed up students heading back to their lessons after their exams.

Those students with access arrangements will have been told where they need to go to for their exams; it will usually be C7 and C9.

Sophie Grigg, Assistant Headteacher, said’; “It is vital the Year 10 students take these exams extremely seriously as this means teachers can be well placed to help them improve and the results play an important role in guiding applications to Sixth Form, colleges and apprenticeships too. It is very much the case that practice makes perfect and these exams are the prefect opportunity to apply this maxim.”