We regularly seek to engage students in developing aspects of school life, and our House Council representatives are always keen to share their thoughts and ideas.

This week, the Year 7 and Year 8 House Council Representatives met to discuss the student handbook, and the students were very forthcoming with a wide range of suggestions.

They confirmed they were still happy with the changes made last year, and the Year 7 students commented on the information they found particularly helpful when starting out at The Friary last September.

The students found the calendar and uniform information the most useful, and requested more notes pages to be added.

They added that the map page was one of the most used pages in the first few weeks, and that this should appear next to the timetable, and be printed on card to make it more durable.

They also asked to include more information about the student leadership roles.

Sam Sullivan, Assistant Headteacher, said, “As always, the students were brimming with ideas and suggestions, and were very keen to share their likes and dislikes regarding the student handbook. Every House was well represented and I will endeavour to include as many of the suggestions as possible for next academic year.”

Huge thanks to Roman Larney (7D1), Ada Phillips (7D2), Freddie Johnson (7G1), Gracie Jones (7G2), Maddie Clark (7J1), Luke Bebbington (7J2), Izzy Harrington (7S1), Georgia Bennett (7S2), Daniel Burman (8D1), Ben Hollis (8D2), Eva Parry (8J1), Ava Rose Shaw (8J2), Masie Botfield (8S1) and Oliver Purkis (8S2) for taking part in the discussion and helping our school move forward.