Our recent celebration of National Pet Month brough all the weird and wonderful into our school so that students spent the day wandering around lessons never quite knowing who or what they were going to meet next.

One of our visitors was the Exotic Zoo who provided students with a wide range of animals that they could meet, learn about and even think of getting for home.

Elsewhere, Mrs Jones brought in her animal collection too which stretches from snakes to giant cockroaches.

Added to this, teachers brought in their pets so there were dogs abound and one or two other extras too. There was also a dog obstacle course which saw staff and dogs race one another to much hilarity from students.

The week also included tutor time activities, competitions and assemblies to discuss animal welfare and our role in caring for others.

Matt Allman, Headteacher, said: “We rotate our Focus Weeks every year but our Pet Week is so popular it is always there somewhere. The children love bonding with the animals – and we have two dogs in the school every day – and it is the care and responsibility that the students learn here that we encourage and foster through the rest of the year as well.”

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