This week, students have been learning about The International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement. As part of this Focus Week, the Year 8 students debated the notion: “The British government should not provide overseas aid because charity belongs at home.”

The debates were judged by School Librarian Helena Cresswell, Primitas Trustee Gill Stockdale and Assistant Headteacher Sam Sullivan. Students from Garrick and Seward argued in favour of this notion, whereas teams from Jonhson and Darwin argued against. Again, the judges were very impressed by the high standard of research and preparation completed by all teams.

The winning team with a high total of 89 points was the Darwin team comprising Adam Perkins, Ryan Peck, Luke Perkins and William Smith. All team members took an important role with some individuals showing great flair for debating. Eva Parry (Johnson) and Sam Derrick (Seward) were chosen as the ‘Most Valuable Debaters’, with a special mention also to William Smith.

Helena Cresswell, School Librarian, said: “It was impressive to see some students speaking without notes and being able to counter the arguments of their opposing team. Well done to all!”