Looking forward we will be celebrating National Vegetarian Week in W/B 13 May as part of raising our students awareness of healthy eating, experiencing new things and also thinking about their impact on their plant.

We also includes vegetarian options on our daily menus – as well as supporting those with food intolerances – but this week will see a wide range of dishes on offer including vegetarian lasagne, macaroni cheese, vegetable curry, veggie burgers and much more besides.

There will also be lessons teaching about vegetarianism, the need for a balanced diet (and meat can be included in that), the impact of food on the environment, and a raising of awareness of how we can make healthy, environmentally friendly and local choices.

Matt Allman, Headteacher, said: “This is not about pushing a certain lifestyle, but more about making our students think and reflect on what they do. We have Year 13 students fretting over the menu at their end of year meal and we want to encourage all our students to be brave, healthy and open in their food choices rather than limiting themselves solely to dull and often nugget-shaped choices.”

To learn more about National Vegetarian Week click here.