There is always much excitement amongst Year 11 students as they head towards their final days in school and so here is the headline events to look out for:

‘Last Day of School’ – Tuesday 21 May

There are no GCSE exams on this day so students will have Periods 1-4 as usual – this will include revision lessons on Maths, English and Science which all have exams still to come.
During Period 5 students will be dropped down to the canteen where there will be food and drinks provided.
This will be the chance to do shirt signings, take photos, etc.
The ‘Last Day’ is largely symbolic as the whole Year group is in the following morning for their GCSE Physics exam.
From this point on students will be on Study Leave and will only attend in school uniform for their exams.

Y11 Leavers Assembly – Friday 28 June

Students should arrive in school for the 9.30am start and the special assembly will finish at 11.00am.
There is no need for students to wear school uniform.
Students should enter the school through Main Reception and will head straight to the school theatre.
There will not be an opportunity to walk around the main school site as this would disturb all the lessons going on.
This event is invitation only and requires good conduct up to and during the exams.

Y11 Prom – Monday 1 July

Our Prom is at Branston Golf Cub and officially starts at 7.00pm but we would advise you to get there a bit earlier as there is always a procession of cars dropping off.
The evening finishes at 11.00pm.
This event is invitation only – every attendee needs to buy a ticket – and it requires good conduct up to and during the exams.

Matt Allman, Headteacher, said: “The exams are high-pressure but amidst all of this there is still time for fun and celebration. We try to make it a special time for our students – it is a real milestone in life – and hopefully it will end up with further celebrations come Results Day at 9.00am on Thursday 22 August.”