We are very much a school that focuses on apprenticeships opportunities as much as university applications – both offer wonderful opportunities.

All students in our school take part in an annual careers and aspirations survey by seeking levels of interest, examining preferred career routes, and comparing targets and current grades, we help to map out personalised routes for every child.

All students seeking an apprenticeship are supported through:

* Securing a log in and details to track the Gov.uk website
* Support in setting up a profile and email alerts
* Specialist talks and lectured from professional speakers organisations; Eg – ASK apprenticeships, Higher Degree Level Speakers, etc.
* Weekly live vacancy reports and local employer opportunities
* Draft CV and cover letter support
* Application support
* Mock interview support
* Continuing support, advice and guidance from our careers and aspirations team

Helen Barratt, Assistant Headteacher and Careers Leader, said: “With the higher cost of university, the apprenticeship route is hugely attractive and we have been delighted to help our students again some stunning placements. We make a real effort to push this route from the early years in our school and it is wonderful to hear form our students as they venture into the workplace after Sixth Form.”