Our recent Focus Week celebrated National Bucket List Day – which takes place every 24 April – and we sought to remind everyone that it is never too late to set new goals, go on a dream vacation, and inspire people around you to enjoy life to the fullest.

By definition, a bucket list is a list of things a person would like to do, but has never experienced before. Some people refer to them as milestones, while other people refer to them as goals. Whatever you call them, a bucket list is a list of things a person would like to accomplish before they die.

Our assembly and tutor time activities focused on traveling the world and seeing the sights. However, we also emphasised that having goals, having aspirations, but going further in planning and working to make sure they happen is vital. We emphasised that vaguely talking of a dream, but never doing anything to make it happen, means very little.

Our students were all asked to come up with their Top 3 destinations and had the chance to win ‘Bucket List’ style prizes to themes parks, skating rinks, climbing walls and zoos. We are using all their entries to compile a school Top 10 list and will then draw out the winners – details to follow…

Elsewhere, Seward House produced a superb exhibition of posters and articles publicising various Bucket Lists and encouraging students to identify, plan, and then live their goals.

The Focus Week also tied into our links with World Challenge, Duke of Edinburgh Awards, Projects Abroad, and then plethora of field trips and experiences we seek to provide for our students.

Matt Allman, Headteacher, said: “We are very much a school that seeks to inspire our students. We push them to develop the courage and resilience to do great things and to see that the world is their oyster. This week was fun, created a lot of fuss – from cage diving with Great Whites to bungee jumping over Victoria Falls – and hopefully we have sparked an interest that will come to fruition in years to come.”

To learn more about National Bucket List Day click here.