This edition of our school literary magazine has been entirely student-led – with Sixth Formers Milly Colloff and Harriet Mieleniewski taking over the leadership from Ms Wright who is currently on maternity leave.

The edition contains a series of fantastic articles that address both challenges and fears which face our students through their studies and everyday life.

This includes overcoming injuries, personal fears, the crisis in Gaza and mental health.

You can read the e-zine here.

Matt Allman, Headteacher, said: “The pulling together of articles, the honing, refining and finalising of draft work, and the collation into a final edition is no easy task and we are thrilled that Milly and Harriet have done such a superb job. Our school seeks to prepare students for post-school life – both with qualifications and skills – and these editors, as well as all those students who contributed, are role models to their peers in terms of both leadership and delivery.”