Get ready to laugh your socks off because we’re thrilled to announce a night of laughter and fun with our upcoming Friary PTFA Comedy Night on Friday 10th May.

After all the hard work and dedication you’ve put into supporting your children so far this year, it’s time to enjoy an evening of entertainment just for you (Over 18s only).

Back by popular demand, our Comedy Night promises to be an unforgettable evening filled with hilarious stand-up performances by professional comedians guaranteed to leave you in stitches. Whether you’re a fan of witty one-liners or observational humor there will be something for everyone to enjoy. It’s the perfect opportunity to unwind, socialise with other parents, and share a few laughs together.

In order to help the evening go with a swing, we will be opening early doors for food and drink served by the PTFA bar and BBQ.

By attending Comedy Night, you’ll not only be treating yourself to a great time but also supporting our school. Proceeds from the event will go towards funding important initiatives and projects that benefit your children. It’s also a chance to connect with other parents in a relaxed and enjoyable atmosphere. Share stories, swap parenting tips, and make new friendships while enjoying the show.

If you really want to be a part of it all, why not join our PTFA for the night and help to run our bar and bbq. If this sounds like fun to you, drop us a line at Alternatively, join us on Tuesday 23rd April at 6.00pm for a ‘Comedy Night’ planning meeting.

Lottie Hearn, Deputy Headteacher, reminded parents by saying: “Tickets are £12 and available for purchase on Parent Pay or in cash at the school office. Early booking is recommended as seats are limited! We look forward to seeing you there!”

Matt Allman, Headteacher, added: “School funding is really in a difficult place – I have never seen it like this. We are relying on parents supporting events like this to provide after-school boosters, after-school clubs, Saturday Schools, resources, etc. If you can support the event, or the PTFA more widely, then you’ll know you have done all you can to stop our provision having to be scaled back.”