Year 13 students were visited by a professional from The Careers and Enterprise Company CEC to look at the LinkedIn social network platform and the many benefits it has to offer.

Students were informed about how LinkedIn focuses on professional networking, connecting people and enhancing career development and opportunities. LinkedIn is designed with a specific focus on professional networking, to allow its members to find jobs, research companies and get information about industries and business connections.

In the session students were motivated to think about what they aspire to do in the future and were quizzed about their own experiences they have been involved with to date such as employment, work experience, volunteering and achievements through school and external groups. This allowed students to identify their own personal skills and strengths that would help build up and boost their profiles to reach opportunities for their future careers aspirations. Students were told about the many professional connections and possible careers opportunities that can come directly to them just by having a registered account.

Faye Bullock, Careers Coordinator, saod: “This workshop has helped our students look at the next step in their careers and has given an awareness of the platform and how it works. Our students can now easily identify important skills and by creating their profiles they can display their CVs and search for jobs. This will enhance their chances and increasing their visibility by posting updates and interacting with other people on this professional platform. LinkedIn is like Facebook for your career, and our students now know how to use it effectively.”