Today we were joined by a Consultant Clinical Psychologist from Options Trent Acres – Dr Rachel Stretton – to discuss information on their career pathway, higher education and the various types of Psychology careers.

Students heard about what a clinical psychologists is and how they assess and treat clients with a range of mental or physical health issues, conditions and disorders and how the main purpose of their role is to reduce the distress and improve the psychological wellbeing of a client. They discussed the challenges this type of work can bring as it involves contact with different ages and types of people who are often distressed in some way.

They listened about what a normal day might look like in this type of career and how clinical assessments can be done through a range of techniques including interviews, observation and psychometric testing, then followed by a treatment plan that may include counselling, advice or therapy.

Students learnt that alongside the other working teams they would be involved in working as part of a multi-disciplinary team, doctors, nurses, social workers, education professionals, health visitors, psychiatrists and occupational therapists.

They gained insight of how to get invaluable work experience which often consists of a minimum of 12 months, to get a place on a doctorate course and the need to have a good balance of experience in both academic and clinical areas.

The consultant shared their strong understanding of the profession and explained about skills that are required for this type of career and the importance of excellent communication and interpersonal skills for dealing with people in distress, empathy and a person-centred approach to clients along with a strong understanding of the profession and the role of a clinical psychologist.

Faye Bullock, Careers Co-Ordinator, said: “Students were very interested and interacted with the talk by listening and asking an array of related questions to firm up their understanding of this career route.”