The Seward House Celebration Assembly for the Spring Term saw multiple winners celebrated including: 

Academic Progress Awards: 

These awards are based on both results and progress so all students can take an award no matter what their ability: 

Year 11 – Matthew Allen, Molly Stainforth, Harry Battams, Cherish Chan, Gabriella Cole-Pearce, Josh Douglas-Boisson, Nathon Brickliffe, Maisie Gear.

Year 10 – Amber Athwal, Jake Bownass, Alex Meredith, Adonia Fleming-Smith, Holly Larkin, Jonah Birchall, Red Dwyer, Emma Derrick.

Year 9 – Penny Galway, Finley Pike, Isabel Davies, Sam Thackberry, Ruby Hollywood, Josh Hill, Jacob Brooks, Mia Riley.

Year 8 – Maisie Botfield, Oliver Purkis, Lily Price, Logan Smith, Angela Yi Lei Lai, Amelia Meadows, Sam McCaskie, Jacob Freeth.

Year 7 – Zara Tomkins, Hannah Brown, Elliott Trent, Harry Henshall, Noah Morley, Emelia Liddle , Evie Taylor, Jack Stainforth.


100% Attendance: 

This award is for 100% attendance: 

Year 11 – Ethan Couchman, Maisie Gear, Jessica Greaves, Chloe Mulligan, Reece Pike, Katie Richardson, Ella-Rose Walters, Kate Young, Matthew Allen, Elliott Ball, Tyler Buet, Cherish Chan, Joshua Douglas-Boisson, Montague Easton, Morgan Horne, Chloe McAtamney, Ciaran Milner, Sophie Ragab, Polly Whitworth, Evan Wynne.

Year 10 – Megan Blake, Izzy Bucknall, Georgie Hawkins, Eva Hughes, Patryk Malborski, William Roseblade, Aleks Townsend, Madison Vigus, Robyn Walters, Tommy Baines, Emma Derrick, Red Dwyer, Anthony Kei Ching Lai, Tamzin Liston-Head, Isabel McIntosh, Alex Meredith, Caragh Murphy, Rutendo Mutezo.

Year 9 – Emma Baines, Jessica Cleaver, Daniel Hood, Isla McCaskie, Jessica Milsom, Finley Pike, Jessica Baines, Josh Hill, Ruby Hollywood, Layla Hopkins, Evie Middleton-Tipper, Eden Wong, Lily Wood.

Year 8 – Holly Baker, Leo Cooke, Sam Derrick, Omarion Gouveia, Leyla Hardy, Darius-Sebastian Marandiuc, Adrija Pikelyte, Logan Smith, Jack Battams, Noah Bowers, Isaac Can, Katy Greaves, Elizabeth Ilonzeh, Angela Yi Lei Lai, Sam McCaskie, Anand Sihota.

Year 7 – Eleanor Ashton, Hannah Brown, Myrtle Dwyer, Vanessa Lo, Harry Milsom, Noah Morley, Rocco Moth, Elliott Trent, Charlie Walters, Jonny Bailey, Belle Cope, Andreea Dorobantu, Annabelle Hill, Cheryl Lee, Emelia Liddle, Alfie Maguire-Turner, Archie McVicar, Sam Murray, George O’Hare, George Redding, Josh Roche, Zara Tomkins.


This award is for 0 Behaviour Points for the entire Autumn Term – so no misplaced pen, or lost PE sock, no late, or any other minor slip-up:

Year 11 – Matthew Allen, Elliott Ball, Cherish Chan, Madison Chilton, Gabriella Cole-Pearce, Harry Compton, Joshua Douglas-Boisson, Montague Easton, Casey Gibbs, Morgan Horne, Charlotte Jones, Henry Malone, Chloe McAtamney, Sophie Ragab, Molly Stainforth, Polly Whitworth, Evan Wynne, Harry Battams, Grace Burton, Calum Finch, Maisie Gear, Jessica Greaves, Tegan Hathaway, Gareth Hunt, Chloe Mulligan, Reece Pike, Lily Reynolds, Katie Richardson, Leila Thomson, Eva-Rose Walters, Scott White, Rhys Wynne, Kate Young.

Year 10 – Tommy Baines, Ebony Chew, Emma Derrick, Red Dwyer, George Jarman, Anthony Kei-Ching Lai, Leigha Lancaster, Alex Meredith, Aleks Townsend, Grace Wellington, Maxxie Williams, Amber Athwal, Jonah Birchall, Jake Bownass, Adonia Fleming-Smith, Eva Hughes, Holly Larkin, Oliver Ratchford-Smith, Lucas Townsend, Ashton Tuckley, Ellie Walker, Robyn Walters.

Year 9 – Oscar Afridi, Jessica Baines, Sophia Chan, Isabel Davies, Jenson Hems, Josh Hill, Ruby Hollywood, Layla Hopkins, Tyus King, Fandi Lai, Evie Middleton, Lana Morris, Elvina Sira, Lily-Marie Stansfield, Sam Thackaberry, Max Thomas, Lucas Wild, Eden Wong, Lily Wood, Emma Baines, Jessica Cleaver, Phoebe Clements, Jack Crocker, Penny Galway, Molly Jones, Isla McCaskie, Jessica Milsom, Eve Morris, Finley Pike, Mia Riley, Aran Takhar, Amelia Wild.

Year 8 – Jack Battams, Maisie Botfield, Noah Bowers, Isaac Can, Poppy Fortey, Katy Greaves, Daniel Jones, Angela Yi Lei Lai, Sam McCaskie, Amelia Meadows, Abigail Payne, Hayley Walters, Samir Awal, Holly Baker, Isabelle Burnett, Samuel Chilton, Danielle Choy, Leo Cooke, Sam Derrick, Jacob Freeth, Leyla Hardy, Isabelle Leach, Kitti Lertamnuaylap, Sebastian Marandiuc, Adrija Pikelyte, Lily Price, Oliver Purkis, Logan Smith, Yuri Tse, Orla Whiting.

Year 7 – Nathaniel Coombe, Tabitha Davies-Friend, Gabriela Heinrich, Annabelle Hill, Cheryl Lee, Emelia Liddle, Sam Murray, George Redding, Oscar Sowden, Jack Stainforth, Max Stansfield, Zara Tomkins, Enfys Wong, Eleanor Ashton, Georgia Bennett, Hannah Brown, Ellie Davies, Myrtle Dwyer, Eva-Rose Heath, Harry Henshall, Emilia Jennings, Fanki Lai, Vanessa Lo, Noah Morley, Rocco Moth, Max Parks, Joel Roberts, Olly Ruston, Evie Taylor, Anaya Tucker, Charlie Walters.


Most House Points: 

This award was for the top four boys and girls in each Year group who had collected the most House points through the Summer Term:

Year 11 – Matthew Allen, Jessica Greaves, Morgan Horne, Montague Easton, Harry Battams, Ella-Rose Walters, Scott White, Molly Stainforth.

Year 10 – Grace Wellington, Emma Derrick, Miah Walsh, Lucas Townsend, Alex Meredith, Tommy Baines, William Barry, Holly Larkin.

Year 9 – Isla McCaskie, Lily Wood, Finley Pike, Jessica Milsom, Josh Hill, Emma Baines, Oscar Afridi, Tyus King.

Year 8 – Maisie Botfield, Sam Derrick, Holly Baker, Isabelle Leach, Katy Greaves, Max Butler, Zak Radbourne, Logan Smith.

Year 7 – Annabelle Hill, Eleanor Ashton, Hannah Brown, Noah Morley, Jack Stainforth, Amy Monaghan, Josh Perks, Josh Hunt.


Tutor Awards: 

Each tutor nominates a boy and a girl for the term for their contribution to form and House activities:

11S1 – Henry Malone & Chloe McAtamney
11S2 – Harry Battams & Tegan Hathaway
10S1 – Aleks Townsend & Khloey Davies
10S2 – Ashton Tuckley & Ellie Walker
9S1 – Oscar Afridi & Fandi Lai
9S2 – Harrison Hems & Emma Baines
8S1 – Isaac Can & Katy Greaves
8S2 – Samuel Chilton & Holly Baker
7S1 – Jack Stainforth & Izzy Harrington
7S2 – Noah Morley & Hannah Brown



House Half-Colours for excellence in school (behaviour, attendance & achievement relative to ability) over an extended period of time; and also, EITHER contribution to the school, House or community OR commitment to excellence outside of school: 

* Ella-Rose Walters
* Holly Larkin
* Emma Derrick
* Tommy Baines
* Alex Meredith


Full Colours:

House Full Colours for sustained excellence in school (behaviour, attendance & achievement relative to ability) over an extended period of time; and also, EITHER contribution to the school, House or community OR commitment to excellence outside of school and are achieved after earning House Half-Colours: 

* Jessica Greaves
* Molly Stainforth
* Evan Wynne
* Rhys Wynne
* Abi Ilonzeh

Jamie Sleigh, Head of Seward House said: “An end to a successful term for Seward House this week celebrating the continued success of the students in my house. It saw the 100% attenders out on the astro turf participating in Frisbee Golf, our top house point achievers enjoying a rewards treat in the canteen on Tuesday and my favourite part of the term… the Seward House achievement assembly. Celebrating the hard work of our students this term. For the academic year, we sit in first place for most house points, best behaviour, attendance and are a close second in the debating competition and the weekly quiz. Seward students deserve a restful Easter with their families and are all eager to retain the trophies by the end of the year.”

He also added a farewell message to the Year 11 Seward students after their final Seward achievement assembly, “We wish all of the Seward Year 11 and the rest of the year group all the best in their upcoming exams. They have worked so hard over 5 years and deserve all the success that is coming their way. We gave them a special Seward send off in assembly and celebrated the 14 students who have not received a behaviour point from Year 7-11, and a special mention to Jessica Greaves, 11S2, the ONLY Year 11 student to have 100% attendance from Year 7 to Year 11.”