As a school we place a big emphasis on the SMSC (Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural) provision in our school and we are delighted to hold the top-rated SMSC Quality Mark after an external assessment of our curriculum.

One of our areas for further development this year is the creation of a spiritual garden in the heart of the school.

The garden is designed to provide a base for reflection, remembrance and calm amidst the hubbub of our busy school. It will be place for children to take a quiet time out, to talk to mentors and counsellors, and to lay memorial stones for loved one they may have lost. It links in with the work we do with local organisations such as St Giles Hospice.

The garden area is taking shape but we as we head closer to spring we are looking to get planting and further build up the project.

Matt Allman, Headteacher, said: “Amidst the charge of school life, we also respond to the needs of children who have suffered bereavement, are facing family challenges, or are simply experiencing a tough time themselves. The garden will act as a safe space, but also act as a reminder to every student that taking time out, reflecting, and pausing to think of those around you is a positive and calm mindset to hold dear in life. We are looking forward to the garden taking shape in the months ahead and will keep students and parents posted on how it develops.”

To learn more about our SMSC Quality Mark click here.