Our Year 8s travelled to Mount Cook Adventure Centre, Matlock, to master orienteering skills on the High Peak Trail as part of our Geography curriculum.

The students practised identifying landforms, orientating maps, pacing distances and leading the group by navigating the group to checkpoints.

The groups then tested their resilience and bravery by either completing rock climbing and scrambling activities or Via Ferrata – a new and exciting climb along a quarry wall.

Susan Gisborne, Head of Geography, said: “We love to take the students out on field work so they can apply the knowledge they have built up in school. We are blessed with some wonderful landscapes that are within striking distance and the two days of the trip were immensely rewarding for all who attended.”

Matt Allman, Headteacher, added: “This Year 8 trip is part of our wide range of field trips and experiences we map into our curriculum to ensure our students take on board knowledge, understanding, life skills and fun in their time with us. Many of these students enjoyed Warwick Castle in Year 7 History and they have the French residential to look forward to in Year 9. Closer to home there are field trips to local businesses, local landmarks, theatres, venues, as well as sporting and performance activities. Classroom learning is the bread-and-butter but the fairydust of seeing or applying learning outside the classroom is something we place a great emphasis on all the way to Year 13.”