As part of the Crime Awareness Focus Week, our Year 10 students participated in a debate entitled, ‘Young people who get involved in crime should be locked up.’

The debates were judged by our School Librarian Helena Cresswell, and School Governors Nina Worrall and Jane Mackenzie.

There were some strong debating skills shown by the students, along with some impressive independent research. It was encouraging to see some students making convincing counterarguments off-the-cuff, in addition to their prepared points and examples.

Teams drew on their knowledge of recent cases, such as that of Brianna Ghey, and previous cases such as the James Bulger case. It was a close competition overall, with the Johnson team winning the debate with an impressive 84 points.

Congratulations to Hannah Grimshaw, Iris Colloff, Rosie Walker and Katie Sandel. The Seward House team came a close second, followed by Garrick and then Darwin. Sasha Chambers (Garrick) and Rosie Walker (Johnson) were chosen as the ‘Most Valuable Debaters.’

Sam Sullivan, Assistant Headteacher, said: “Well done to all teams for their preparation and enthusiasm. It was great to see the debaters challenging each-other with such impassioned arguments.”