A targeted group of Year 10-13 students got the chance to listen to a careers and education pathway talk that provided information given by a team of employees that work as architects and landscape architects from the Pegasus Group.

The Pegasus Group are a nationwide business and provide services in Planning; Urban Design and Architecture; Environmental advice and Landscape Architecture to name a few areas in working in the built environment.

They discussed their own career pathways and the options through university courses and dual architecture and landscape architecture degree course. They explained how long it can take to become an architect and placement years throughout higher education study. Students also heard about alternative route options where employers can support and sponsor the university course. The Pegasus Group currently do a lot of work with various universities across the country, promoting career opportunities and have an established reputable graduate training scheme.

Helen Barratt, Assistant Headteacher, said: “Architecture is a fantastic career which interests a lot of our students and adding this session to our sweep of specific career sessions was too good an opportunity to miss.”

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