Our Focus Week ahead is based on LGBT+ History Month and is part of our wider teaching on inclusivity, respect for others and more simply our fairness and openness to others.

LGBT+ History Month is celebrated every February.

Section 28 was a law set up in 1988 that banned schools from talking about LGBT issues in schools. This law was repealed in 2000 and this meant that LGBT+ History – which had been hidden away from society – could be celebrated and recognised as an important story to tell.

LGBT+ History Month was set up for LGBT+ people to claim their past, celebrate their present and to create a shared future.

As part of our LGBT+ History Month celebrations we will be exploring the issue of personal and community history in assemblies, celebrating the LGBT community in a House Exhibition, awareness celebratory badges, tutor time activities on key LGBT History topics, and a planning project for supporting Lichfield Pride in the summer.

Matt Allman, Headteacher, said: “As someone old enough to remember Section 28, it is incredible to think that such intolerance is so recent in our country’s history. We take it as our responsibility in school to celebrate the make-up of all of our students and to encourage inclusivity and respect in our daily interactions with one another. We live in a rich and varied society and it is our job as a school to help our students to be a positive force within that.”