Following the success of last year’s Scholastic Book Fair, we are thrilled to confirm that the Book Fair will be returning to the library for one week, starting from Wednesday 21st February.

The Book Fair provides students with the opportunity to buy over 200 new titles at competitive prices. It also gives students the chance to browse and purchase books in physical form, as well as try a new genre to broaden their interests.

All books purchased through the Book Fair will help support the school by raising funds to purchase new books for our school library. You child can buy a book by:

* If a student sees any books they would like, they fill out the wish-list document in the library.
* The student takes the wish-list home and parents / guardians can follow the link to pay for them directly to Scholastic. This will then give you a reference number to write onto your wish-list.
* Give the wish-list to the librarian and the books are yours!
* If a book sells out, we can order more copies to be brought to school before the end of the Book Fair

Simon Daniels, Head of English, said: “We place a great emphasis on encouraging reading as it supports access to the whole curriculum and sets children up for a life that is enriched through books. Certainly, the benefits of reading are crystal clear to everyone and the Book Fair once again provides our students with a fantastic opportunity to read for pleasure.”