School life seems busier than ever with the last half-term being a great example of this – whether it be signing up for ski trips or going to Poland, listening to guest speakers on the Holocaust or attending Battle of the Bands, or Garrick House Week fund-raising for Lichfield Food Bank or the Year 10 Parents Evening.

Consequently, knowing that students who have parents fully engaged in what is going on school are more likely to be better engaged, we are planning to produce half-termly quickfire videos to outline what is coming up in the half-term ahead.

You can view the next half-term Spring Half-Term 2 – here.

They are also shared with students via tutor time and the TV news screens around the school.

Matt Allman, Headteacher, said: “We look at every way we can to try and gets parents up-to-speed with what is happening at school. We’ll give these short videos a go and consider the feedback they get – if they’re well-received then we’ll keep them going.”