The U14 girls, a newly formed team, displayed resilience and determination as they faced off against King Edwards in challenging conditions of torrential rain. Despite the adverse weather, the team kept their spirits high throughout the match.

From the outset, it was evident that Friary’s squad comprised of a mix of players, including some at club level whose experience shone through with skilful passes and strategic positioning on the pitch, and others were very new to the game.

Notable players included Ava Sumpter’s exceptional save during a critical moment in the second half thwarted the opposition’s attempt to extend their lead during a short corner situation. Elsewhere, Olivia Egginton’s relentless runs down the wing kept King Edwards’ defence on their toes, whilst Esme Morris’s precise distribution of balls to the wingers aimed to create scoring opportunities, particularly through short corners.

Despite their concerted efforts, Friary found themselves trailing as King Edwards broke through their defence just before half-time, securing the opening goal of the match.

In the second half, Friary fought valiantly to equalize, with players like Rainie Ka Ching Wong, Keira Brooks, and Adrija Pikelyte pushing forward tirelessly. However, luck eluded them as numerous attempts narrowly missed the mark, leaving the score line unchanged.

Kim Fallows, head coach, commended the girls for their determination despite the challenging weather conditions and said: “Despite the weather, and everything and everyone being soaked, the girls remained committed and put in their best effort. It was a closely contested game, and although we didn’t come out on top tonight, it was a commendable performance from our team.”

The Player of the Match was awarded to Isabel Bridges for her instrumental role in delivering numerous crosses into the D which showcased her teamwork and effort throughout the match.