As part of our Safer Internet Day celebrations students took part in a ‘Spot the AI’ competition designed to train them to realise that not everything they see in front of them is necessarily true. The students were well prepared as there Focus Week assembly focused in on this very issue.

There are a lot of AI videos and images being distributed related to the War in the Ukraine, the US presidential Elections and more besides. Equally, the BBC have been reporting that there are a number of videos being specifically distributed to children.

You can learn more about the BBC’s advice to children on how to spot fakes by clicking here.

Matt Allman, Headteacher, said: “We have all dealt with people who have flown off the handle after hearing false or partial information and there has always been a need to pause, reflect and calmly address issues rather than immediately blow up. With the advent of more and more fake AI news, we are working hard to educate our children to be ready for it, to be able to spot it, and to discern between myth and reality. We have been teaching this by drawing students into ‘fake news’ – then making them learn from their mistake when the truth emerges. Even then, without AI, we can all hear gossip or part of a story and think we know it all – and with that the lesson is exactly the same. In a society where anger and violence seem increasingly rife, education can play a big role in making our community a better place to live in.”