As part of our work to guide students and their families to a successful education our school governors are proactive in meeting local families and students and offering their support. These meetings can be with a small minority of students having a difficult time of things, as well as with the large majority who are flourishing.

Equally, our governors are always keen to see first-hand the work of our school so that they can hold school leadership to account and make sure a good job is being done.

The recent Governors Student Panel met a wide range of students – including Roman Lamey and Sophie Antcliffe (Y7), Ava and Maddie Williams (Y10), Isabella Lydall, Libbie Joyce, Monty Easton and Phoenix Ivey (Y11) – and talked about their experiences in school.

The topics were wide and varied ranging from debating competitions to school shows, our Elite Performers Curriculum to speeches in Lichfield Cathedral, international recognition to charity fund-raising and Battle of the Bands to future career aspirations.

Matt Allman, Headteacher, said: “We are blessed with a Governing Body who are absolutely committed, demanding yet also supportive, and also have the wider life experience to know the community and challenges we operate under. They play a positive role for standards and rewards in our school and we place a great emphasis on transparency and openness so meetings like this are a great way of painting a true and accurate picture which can be used to drive our school forward.”