The Friary has a continuing commitment to online safety and safeguarding and we are proud to hold a nationally recognised award for excellence in this field.

Following on from our third successful assessment in a row, which will mean nine consecutive years of holding it, Steve Neale, our Online Safety Lead, was invited to be a keynote speaker at the Entrust National Online Safety Conference.

Delegates from schools across the country heard about our school’s progressive and inclusive approach to online safety, using examples from our successful Partnership Evenings, Focus Weeks, assemblies, lessons and social media campaigns.

Elsewhere, as a beacon school for excellence, we advise and support other schools in building their own safeguarding provision around the internet and this was a fantastic opportunity to share some of our ideas.

Steve Neale, Online Safety Lead, said: “I was very pleased to be asked to speak at the conference which was a very enjoyable experience. Online safety is vitally important, as the distinction between online and offline life becomes ever more difficult to make. The more we all share ideas and co-operate to keep everyone safe the better, especially as the digital world, and now AI, continues to evolve and play a part in everyday life.”