There are rumours of snowfall on Thursday 8 February – though whilst the BBC report just predicts rainfall, the Met Office suggest there may well be snow – so we felt it would be worthwhile reminding everyone of what we do if we need to implement a snow closure.

The first thing to say is that we close as a very last resort. We get phone calls from some parents demanding closure before the first flake hits the ground, whilst last time we stayed open during snow we faced initial criticisms which faded as the snow melted and we then saw another school that had closed get heaps of criticism online. It is very much a no-win for us.

The following Q&As should help make things clear:

How will I be notified of a closure ?

This will be done via text messages, EduLink, our website, our Twitter page and our Facebook page.

When will you tell us in the morning ?

If there is snowfall our Headteacher gets up very early and makes his way in with the site team. We conduct a site survey to check if we can make footpaths, etc, safe. We also factor in wider conditions so that bus transport and staff access is assessed. We also communicate with neighbouring secondary schools.

We aim to make a decision as soon as we can but cannot guarantee this before 7.30am. We appreciate this may be inconvenient for some families but it is not feasible to make a decision any earlier. Our decision is for around 1,500 people and cannot be based on an individual circumstance that would prefer notice earlier.

What if it snows during the day ?

We keep a close look on the forecast and when snow falls we monitor the forecast and local conditions before making a decision. We are also influenced by what the bus companies tell us as with hundreds travelling home this way we have to allow for their decisions so that children are not stranded.

Does it help if I call reception and demand closure / opening ?

No – not one bit. We would prefer to be left to get on with it. We will let you know by all the fore-mentioned means as soon as we have a decision.

Where can I find out more about this decision-making process ?

You can visit the relevant page on our website by clicking here.

Matt Allman, Headteacher, said: “I actually love the snow but only at weekends or in the school holidays – during term time is a nightmare. We take the view that on snow closures we cannot please everyone so we simply plough on and do the best we can. Fingers crossed any snow holds on till 4.00pm on Friday and has gone by Monday morning.”