Year 9 Enterprise Club students have developed into young entrepreneurs whilst preparing to sell their products this coming week to students.

They have each shown their own entrepreneurial flare by creating a cohesive brand identity and promotional posters to accompany their campaigns.

All groups are prepared to sell this coming week and make a profit to raise money for their House charities.

Faizah Shabir, Business teacher and club organiser, said: “We have cookies, brownies, keyrings, cupcakes, chocolates, donuts and popcorn on the menu. Students can purchase these on Tuesday 6 February and Wednesday 7 February both lunches.”

Matt Allman, Headteacher, added: “We love the real-life emphasis of our Enterprise courses and recognise how they prepare our students for the future job market. This Year 9 club is about readying students for taking up GCSE-level courses and getting their creativity in the world of business motoring. Watch out – they’ll be on Dragon’s Den soon enough.”