Over the last month we have had the privilege of a trainee teacher joining the PE Department, who turned out to be Loughborough Lightening Netballer, Beth Cobden.

In celebration of this, during Beth’s last week with us, we took the opportunity to host a netball tournament, organised by a selection of Sixth Formers.

As a part of their ‘Sports Leaders’ qualification our Sixth Formers are required to work with younger students by planning and delivering a sporting event – this was a perfect way to combine the two.

The event was pitched to all netballers, who had to find a team of 7 players, but with the restriction of only allowing 2 players from each Year group. We had a fantastic 5 teams and over 35 girls signed up and ready to take part. Each team played 4 games during the event and results were tallied up.

After lots of excellent teamwork and numerous goals scored by all teams the results saw our Blue Team crowned as the winners.

Hollie Wright, event lead, said: “Thank you for everyone who took part in a fabulous event. We are hoping to watch Beth in action for Loughborough Lightening again this year during the Super League season so keep your eyes out for more information.”

Elsewhere, netball club continues. Please refer to PE extra-curricular timetable to find the correct age group club. Any child can join at any time.